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The Different Types of Inspections

Inspection FM™ is specialized in the inspection of residential building in the greater Montreal area


is normally done after an offer to purchase. It is highly recommended to know the condition of the building that we want to buy before going to the notary and complete the transaction. Also, this inspection helps us to determine repairs in the short and medium term. The pre-purchase inspection is recommended by CMHC, the ACQC, banks and estate agents (OACIQ).


is done at the request of the seller before putting their property up for sale. This type of inspection is getting more and more popular because it brings several important benefits to the seller. It helps them better prepare the property for the market and to know the exact condition of the latter to be able to fetch its fair value on the real estate market. Also, this type of inspection allows the seller to make repairs, if applicable, prior to the sale in order to avoid lengthy negotiations with the buyer, or to be forced to adjust its selling price based on the defects found during the inspection.


What is a visual inspection?

The inspector performs a visual examination without dismantling the surface, to determine the general condition of the building and its components visible to the date of the inspection. The inspection is designed to detect anomalies, determine the probable causes and propose the appropriate corrective actions.


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Home Inspection FM™ , your peace of mind is important to us. Our building inspectors are dedicated to answer all your questions and will explain in detail the course of an inspection. Choose the best team and contact Inspection FM™ now to fix an appointment at a time that suits you.

Our Procedures

We Inspect:

INSPECTION FM™ performs building inspections in the greater Montreal area for over a decade. Our team of inspectors is dedicated, experienced and insured. They are university graduates and qualified in the field of building inspection.

You should expect a visual inspection and precise in the following sections :

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