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Enjoy peace of mind with InspectionFM. Regardless of your need in building inspection, our inspectors have the skills and experience appropriate to conduct an inspection. We offer the service of pre-purchase inspection and pre-sale in the greater Montreal area.  

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About inspection FM™

Inspection FM™
specializes in the inspection of residential buildings in the greater Montreal area.

Building inspection is a non-regulated area, which is in strong growth in the province. It is therefore very important to choose an inspector, and ensure that it holds the training, the skills, the professionalism and the equipment necessary to complete a mandate of the inspection.


Why choose Inspection FM™

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With Inspection FM, you're dealing with a team of building inspectors, qualified and experienced to help you make a more informed decision.

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Our inspection reports are simple and concise. They contain descriptions, drawings and photos detailed explanations of our observations. They will ensure your understanding and help you make the best decision. 

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We inspect your property to the fine-tooth comb. Thus, you'll have a global vision of the condition of the building. Whether it is the general condition of the property, of the work necessary to make or general maintenance, Inspection FM, you will have the correct time.

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InspectionFM offers you an objective point of view and professional on the condition of the building. This will help you make an informed decision and help you avoid taking unnecessary risks. We also offer a service after inspection and we will continue to be available to answer your questions.

Our Procedures

We Inspect:

INSPECTION FM™ performs building inspections in the greater Montreal area for over a decade. Our team of inspectors is dedicated, experienced and insured. They are university graduates and qualified in the field of building inspection.

You should expect a visual inspection and precise in the following sections :

Outer Envelope
Heating and air Conditioning


Elena Salikova

Inspectors are very talented, are familiar with their work. Impeccable service. Very courteous and professional. Thank You InspectionFM!

Marc-Antoine Bold

I had the chance to do business with the inspector Feras Mansour of InspectionFM and I have nothing but positive to say about the experience! A professional service and complete. Feras is very thorough in the inspection and offers advice to his customers. In addition, I received the report in less than 48 hours! I highly recommend this team, thank you again!

Carolyne Lachance

We were blown away by the level of service provided by the inspector. It was not only professional, but they also explained how to take care of the house. I can recommend them with my eyes closed. Thank you!
🧰 Nos inspecteurs utilisent des outils à la fine pointe de la technologie
❄️ Il est recommandé de retirer vos extensions flexibles durant les mois d’hiver pour éviter des bris et les remettre après la fonte des neiges.
🔍 Inspecteur Jean-François Prandi en action!
🏠 Il est recommandé de vérifier l'état du revêtement de maçonnerie annuellement et de procéder à des réparations si nécessaire. Les sections les plus exposées sont souvent les plus endommagées. Ex. Cheminée en maçonnerie sur la toiture.
🛠️Les inspecteurs de chez inspectionFM sont équipés de drones pour l'inspection des toitures hautes.
🔍 INSPECTION FM™ effectue des inspections en bâtiment dans la grande région de Montréal depuis plus d’une décennie. Attendez-vous à une inspection visuelle et précise des sections suivantes :.Fondation, structure, enveloppe extérieure, toiture, portes et fenêtres, électricité, plomberie, chauffage, ventilation, isolation, sécurité et encore plus!
✍️ Merci pour ce commentaire ! Un client satisfait ❤️
📲 Contactez-nous 7 jours sur 7 pour tous vos besoins d'inspection ou pour prendre rendez-vous.
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