The Inspection FM™ Difference

Our certified home inspectors conduct thorough and objective inspections for your clients and provide a printed copy of the results at the time of inspection.

Our Real Estate Agent Alliances

Inspection FM™ is proud of the relationships we have with local agents and national real estate companies. We are an approved supplier with many reputable real estates and relocation companies throughout Quebec.

Use Our Convenient Realtor Booking System

Our Realtor Booking System is a convenient way to schedule a home inspection with your local Inspection FM™ Home Inspector.

What You Need To Know About An Inspection FM™ Home Inspection

Your local Inspection FM™ Home Inspector provides valuable information about the condition of a property. We work with you and your clients when they are in the market for a new home. We examine the structure and major systems, then present their findings in an electronic document or a printed version. You and your client may accompany the home inspector during their examination and discuss any questions that arise about the property.

Accompany Your Client

Attending the home inspection provides the opportunity to explore the property with a professional Inspection FM™ Inspector. It is during this top-to-bottom examination of a home where your clients have the opportunity to ask an inspector questions about the condition of the house. Being present and engaged during the process offers more insight into the actual condition of the home and its systems. Every house will have defects, some of them minor while some must be addressed prior to purchase. Our team will happily explain what they come across and answer any questions.

Be Confident In Your Recommendations

We will help you understand the seriousness of any problems that plague the property. Having the correct information about the health and condition of a home empowers you to make informed recommendations to your clients.

A Perfect Partnership

A professional home inspection provides more than an overview of the condition of a property, it provides your clients with peace of mind. You can make a confident recommendation to your clients when it comes to purchasing a home because of our expertise. Your local team is waiting to hear from you. Our quick response time allows you to schedule an inspection time that is convenient for you and your client.

Inspection FM™ Is The Right Choice For Real Estate Agents

Inspection FM™ conduct thorough, objective inspections of a home’s overall condition for your clients. Our inspectors are dedicated to protecting your reputation and your client’s interests.